Hurricane Housecleaning: Thanks You's and More:
Yeah, yeah, most of you are not under a hurricane warning. Bully for you, smug fuckers. The Rude Pundit's half a bottle of tequila into the storm. And he realized he forgot to thank his way cool guest bloggers from his vacation.

So big time thanks to Jeff Kreisler, PFC Margheriti, and Miandering for their great work.

Meanwhile, for your hurricane or not-hurricane weekend pleasure, here's the latest episode of Cheater and the Rude with the aforementioned Jeff Kreisler and the always-mentioned Rude Pundit on the Progressive Radio Network:

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Oh, yeah, there's also this upcoming appearance at the Words and Music Festival in New Orleans in November (on a panel with Roy Blount, Jr.). More details to come.

And, fuck, if you haven't, buy the Rude Pundit's book at OR Books or Amazon.