Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Down a Handful of Generic Ambien with a Bottle of Tesco Value Whiskey:

Those anxious-looking people up there are waiting in line at a career fair in Los Angeles. This week, not only did Congress allow unemployment benefits to expire for 2 million out-of-work people, but we learned that the jobless rate rose as a piss-droplet of jobs were created last month.

In L.A., in November, an event called "Honor a Hero, Hire a Vet" attracted "hundreds of military vets" who were attempting to get work. Of vets under 24 years-old, "Labor statistics indicate that more than a quarter of them were jobless last year." In other words, we can't even find jobs for the soldiers that we're supposed to be constantly worshiping.

Those people in a single-file line were at a career fair in Denver yesterday. The Christmas tree indicates that everyone should be festive and appreciative of the birth of Jesus Christ, who, in case you forgot, was poor as dirt.

That's a statue representing congressional Republicans, who are refusing to vote on unemployment benefits until they get a tax cut for millionaires. It does about as good a job as any image in demonstrating what they really think about the poor at Christmas time.