End of Year Haiku 2010 (Part 1):
Every year, the Rude Pundit uses the gentle, cherry-blossom infused syllables of the haiku to remember the savage stupidity of the year just (almost) complete. To wit:

Arguing with Obama
Never fear, lib'rals.
It's okay to have courage
And your convictions.

Oil Spilled
A black stain sinking
In the brine as balls and blobs
Has not disappeared.

Economics 2010
Foreclosed and jobless -
The American dream: One
Without the other

Christmas in Haiti

Rudolph shit himself
To death from cholera germs.
Red nose fades to black.

Ground Zero Mosque?
Not really, but facts
Can't quell the hateful thrill of
A Christian fatwa.

Sarah Palin's Nipples

They tighten when she
Smells caribou blood, dumb fans,
And Fox "news" anchors.

(Another tradition around these here rude parts is reader participation in this memorial. Submit your own haiku to rudepundit[at]yahoo.com and the best ones will be posted on Friday. Remember: 5-7-5, motherfuckers, 5-7-5.)