Why Ann Coulter Is a Cunt, Part 439,803 (Violence Equivalency Edition):
These days, it's almost sad to see and read Ann Coulter. So long the standard bearer of right-wing ignorance expressed with a savagery that is mistaken as "wit," now, in the wake of the heights of bugfuck insanity that Glenn Beck reaches every time his spike-topped bloated head of doom appears on TV, Coulter's brand of cuntistry seems quaint or used up. She's essentially the oldest whore in the brothel, cooz and asshole so worn out from use that fucking her is like tossing a roll of pennies down a wishing well. Oh, sure, sure, the occasional regular like Sean Hannity will show up at the joint in order to give her a charity screw. But mostly, she's just sadly tramped-up eye candy, which, pathetically, is all she ever was.

However, often her writing contains nice, nutzoid summaries of the memes that make the email rounds and get teabaggers all hetted up. It's one-stop shopping to get a sense of the conservative zeitgeist, like signs with better spelling. In her latest "column" (if by "column," you mean, "a moldy piece of bread found under the refrigerator"), Coulter attempts to make the case that liberals are violent "treasonous" thugs who routinely physically attack conservatives while the Tea Party members and other right-wingers are peacefully and non-racist-ly exercising their First Amendment rights. You hear this all the time from Limbaugh and Beck and Hannity and Ingraham and the rest of 'em. "No video exists proving that black congressmen were spat on by protesters" or "Mean looking black people in Black Panther drag made white people unhappy" or "Tea Partiers ain't racist. It's just a few bad apples that bring the racist signs or say racist things. By the way, that MoveOn ad sent in by a single individual to an open contest that compared George W. Bush to Hitler proves all liberals are crazy. But, hey, isn't Obama just like Hitler?"

Let's do this the easy way:

Coulter says, "Last fall, a conservative had his finger bitten off by a man from a MoveOn.org crowd in Thousand Oaks, Calif."
The Rude Pundit says, "James W. von Brunn."

Coulter says, "In the fall of 2008, Obama supporters Mace'd elderly volunteers in a McCain campaign office in Galax, Va."
The Rude Pundit says, "Jim David Adkisson."

Coulter says, "One Obama supporter broke a McCain sign being held by a small middle-aged woman in midtown Manhattan before hitting her in the face with the stick."
The Rude Pundit says, "Scott Roeder."

Coulter says, "In separate attacks, a half-dozen liberals threw Molotov cocktails at McCain signs on families' front yards in and around Portland, Ore."
The Rude Pundit says, "Joseph Andrew Stack. And Byron Williams. And Richard Poplawski." Murder and mayhem after murder and mayhem, real and wannabe.

Let's just say that the scales weighing recent political violence are tilted quite a bit to the right, which perhaps gives us a reason to fear groups of armed, agitated conservatives gathering to vent.

And when Coulter asserts that she's listing only "a few acts of violence from the left too numerous to catalog," the only thing to say, the "Shut the fuck up" to her is one word, repeated as a chant, "McVeigh, McVeigh, McVeigh."