Andrew Breitbart Shows the Media the Way to the Egress:
While the Rude Pundit was on vacation, watching while everyone was using the Shirley Sherrod story as another of a million opportunities for (mostly white) navel-gazing about race, while the Obama administration crumbled like Barney Fife facing down the Mafia, and while the mainstream media saw another opportunity to get all indignant about them internets, all he could think was, "Man, that Andrew Breitbart is fuckin' P.T. Barnum, man, and he's got these suckers wrapped around his snot-and-coke-coated little finger."

Andrew Breitbart may be a skeevy coprophage who gobbles shit with an enthusiasm that'd make a dung fly say, "Whoa, leave some for the rest of us," he may have sucked off Matt Drudge as hard as a Hoover set on "deep pile," and he may be a self-aggrandizing whore who buffs his shaved balls so they're nice and shiny for Sean Hannity, but that motherfucker knows how to sell a lie. He lies like lies are bullets and the truth is a mob of hungry zombies.

Breitbart, along with Drudge, have reversed the equation on the credibility of a media source. See, they only have to be right once, they only have to have a single real scoop, and all of a sudden the rest of the old school media are stumbling over themselves to break anything that they have to say, no matter how untrue or unverified the stories may be. So Breitbart and his mighty Final Cut Pro of doom can put together whatever nonsense they want and because there's a chance Breitbart is correct and someone one the left will look bad, Fox "news" will bite immediately. Matt Drudge never has to have a genuine scoop again because he's the guy who broke the Clinton blow-job story. And Breitbart, who, as far as the Rude Pundit can tell, has never had an "exclusive" story or report turn out to be true, is treated the same way.

The Sherrod story is extra pathetic because, almost immediately after the story hit Fox, Shirley Sherrod was told to resign (or, in the popular parlance, "fired") by someone in the fucking Agriculture Department who was afraid of Barack Obama seeming blackilicious. No investigation, nothing. Just running scared from Fox and Andrew Breitbart, a man who must have been passed over for a job because of affirmative action at some point because that son of a bitch hawks the myth of reverse racism like a lame white rapper who can't get a recording deal.

The success of Breitbart and the right-wing liars is that they have so distracted the media with their sad little stories of ACORN and Sherrod's supposed "racism" that other, more important stories have gotten lost. The ACORN nonsense infected the health care debate. The Sherrod affair stole the fire from the financial reform bill and unemployment benefits bill passage. When Breitbart appears on the air or in a speech to smugly defend his stories, he's actually saying, "Gotcha again, suckers." He's a media terrorist, making the news networks run scared because of the threat that he might be right this time.

There's something almost admirable about so Machiavellian a liar. Almost. Breitbart is an awful wart of a man, a wannabe power player, a trash can-licking gossip monger whose hatred and disdain of anyone who dares to point out that the egress is just an exit is just another part of the long con to make him rich.