Nevada Senate Candidate Sharron Angle Is a Fucking Retard, Too:
You can actually see the moment that Fox "news" host Neil Cavuto loses his will to live. It's at about the five minute mark in his interview with Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle. Cavuto can't get his mind around Angle's allegation that Senator Harry Reid somehow did something wrong by helping MGM Resorts not go bankrupt by making a few calls to banks to give the mega-employer in Vegas more leeway in its loans as it builds the massive City Center. Angle had previously said that federal stimulus funds were given to MGM, which was an ignorant lie.

And here she was, on Cavuto's show, and Cavuto told her it wasn't a stimulus, asking, "Were you not aware that the company did not receive any stimulus money, but that Harry Reid was just phoning lenders on behalf of a big employer in your state?"

To which Angle replied, "Well, truly, he was exercising his influence to do a bailout, if you will, of MGM, at the expense of others."

Now, there's all kinds of things you could say to criticize Reid's actions. You could say that he was giving help to a big damn donor. You could say that Reid's probably never done the same thing on behalf of an individual who was going bankrupt. Or you could go in the other direction and just say that he saved around 80,000 jobs, including 22,000 just in City Center construction and staff, and, hey, isn't that groovy? But the one thing you can't say? That there was a bailout. Oh, you can, but then you're a fucking retard.

Angle is a less-evolved Sarah Palin, who knows to never say anything specific about anything unless you fill your speech with random buzzwords for obfuscation. But this is what you get, GOP, when you allow a power-hungry twit with cash run the joint: a bunch of teabagging nuts who are Team Palin, her "Mama Grizzlies" and others, men, who apparently aren't going to be called "Papa Grizzlies," since male grizzly bears are assholes. By the way, fun facts about grizzly bears: human hunters in places like Alaska are their greatest threat, and, unlike Sarah Palin, Mama Grizzlies have a low reproduction rate.

Angle, though, is a very special bear, indeed. And you could see the despair in Neil Cavuto's eyes and hear the doubt in his voice when he said to the candidate, "[T]his wasn't a bailout, right? This was simply just having its loans extended. No federal money was involved." You could tell he was saying, "Please, please, take my hand on this one or Rupert will make me blow his dog for his amusement again."

Being stupid, Angle slapped his hand aside and plowed on, because nothing like logic was going to stop a person who thinks that the Department of Education should be abolished, that the U.S. should be out of the U.N., and that fluoride in the water is bad: "No, but it was a bank bailout. He was saying you should lend to this one, but it was at the expense of others." Which was actually not what Reid said or did.

God, you knew Cavuto was seeing his world crumble, thinking that this was the caliber of person he was going to have to flack for on Fox "news," that every cycle brings the mutant offspring of the previous cycle to the fore. And while you can't say that there was anything like sympathy for Cavuto, he having been another enabler of our political degradation, you had to think, "That's a man who now realizes what happens when you sell your soul. It's a lesson for all of us."

Weakly, he continued in desperation, "MGM Mirage is very big employer, if not the biggest, in your fine state. So, U.S. senator, if you were duly elected, wouldn't do that? You wouldn't be doing everything possible to keep that big employer employing people?" Angle said, essentially, "Nope."

Ahh, Neil Cavuto, being Sarah Palin's bitch is not as fun as you were led to believe, is it?