In Brief: A Couple of More Notes Regarding Obama's Visit to Dover Air Force Base:
1. The comment page over at the Fox "news" website is actually fairly interesting on this subject and way more nuanced than you'd stereotype it as being. (Thanks to rude reader Richard X for the tip.) Of course, much douchebaggery is to come, no doubt.

2. Still, the only criticism out there so far is over whether or not this was a photo op. Of course it was. But the problem with those who are saying so is that they don't understand what for. It ain't a traditional one. C'mon - there's no way this becomes the basis for any fundraising or campaign for Obama or any Democrat. No, it serves a different purpose:

In the days before announcing his approach on the Afghan conflict, Barack Obama is demonstrating that he owns this "war" now. And that the caskets are being filled on his watch.

Or, to put it simply, the images of Obama at Dover show a young president nutting up to all responsibilities he has been given. That's called, you know, leadership.

3. And, in doing so, Obama is also reminding all of us that the "war" is not an abstraction. There's a cost. And how much more are we willing to pay for what seems like only a return in coffins.