Updated with Shiny New Address: Sixth Anniversary Rude Reader Socialist Uprising (Day 4):
Today is Bruce Springsteen's birthday. The Rude Pundit's celebrating by listening to Nebraska and thinking, "Goddamnit, that's all horribly relevant now."

Oh, and, hey, the Rude Pundit's yearly fundraiser is on. Look at that archive list: six motherfuckin' years, and the stomach lining and liver are still working. Show the right-wing bastards that you know rude when you see it. Click on that button down there or the one on the side. Give to defray the costs of the Rude Pundit's new laptop, his travel, and his liquor, man, his sweet, sweet liquor.

Spectacular Update: If you hate the PayPal, here's the Rude Pundit's snail mail address where you can send checks, money orders, and all manner of mailable material:
Lee Papa
P.O. Box 20071
New York, NY 10014