The "Holy-Crap-It's-Been-Six-Years" Rude Pundit Fundraiser:
Well over a million words, most of them his own, including coverage of two presidential elections, interviews with homeless people and famous ones, on-the-spot bloggery from Minneapolis during the Republican Convention and DC during the inauguration, a couple of stage shows, a regular weekly national radio appearance, podcasts, a growing Facebook community where commenters can go nuts, goddamn Twitter, and more: the Rude Pundit's just gettin' revved up, motherfuckers. And there's even bigger rude stuff coming in the not-so-distant future.

We're at the end of six years of being rude before it was cool, and every year at this auspicious time, the Rude Pundit celebrates the birthday of this not-so-humble blog by upending the cowboy hat and asking for you to fill it with your hard-earned spare change, yer Georges, Abes, Alexes, Andrews, Benjamins, etc. You get the idea. Money, you know? Donations.

Call this the Sixth Anniversary Rude Reader Socialist Uprising. Your donations will provide precious funds for a new laptop and enough whiskey to make it through the next year of Obama press conferences and major speeches. It'll make you feel like your Marxist overlords have redistributed your wealth. You can strike a blow for solidarity, comrades, by clicking on that PayPal button on the side there. Or right here:

(Tomorrow, the Rude Pundit will post a snail-mail address for PayPal haters.)

And, as has been the tradition here, let's open it up for reader questions. What do ya wanna know? What do you need advice on? What do you want a rude opinion about? The Rude Pundit will answer the best, weirdest, or most interesting ones over the next week. You know the address: rudepundit(at)yahoo(dot)com.

And, yes, your regular-scheduled bloggery will continue.

As will tomorrow morning's weekly breakfast in bed with Stephanie Miller at 9:30 ET/6:30 PT. There's room enough between the sheets for all of us.