In Brief: Failed Attempts to Humanize a Drooling Bog Monster (Fox "news" Version):
So it was during Chris Wallace's gleeful blumpkin for a shitting Dick Cheney in his Wyoming bathroom on Fox "news" Sunday this week that Wallace made a vain attempt to remove his semen-slicked lips from the former Vice President's pustulent hard-on long enough to offer this:

"At one point the Vice President showed us the view of majestic mountains from his back yard. I asked about the Democrats running battle with the CIA including Nancy Pelosi's charge the agency once lied to her."

One can almost imagine Wallace, lifting his head from Cheney's lap for a sec and seeing mountains through the window above the sneering, sweating man, with Cheney saying, "Yeah, they're fuckin' purple mountains majesty. Now get back to the purple veins of my majestic cock and ask me about that cunt Pelosi."

Bear in mind that this pathetic moment took place after Cheney had said that he supported CIA interrogators breaking the law. Wallace had asked, "So even these cases where they went beyond the specific legal authorization, you're OK with it?" Cheney answered, "I am."

When Wallace finished his serving of Dick chowder, he said, "Well, we want to thank you for talking with us and including in your private life putting up with an interview from the likes of me." Yeah, a good little bitch knows his place.