Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Never Do Jaeger Shots Again:

Sweet Sean Hannick, you pimplefaced protester with your sign that reads, "When people fear government, it's tyranny; when government fears people, it's liberty," how does it feel to be a useful tool of megacorporations and the people who profit off fear you didn't know you had until they told you that you did?

There were demonstrators with signs on both sides of the health care reform debate on the sidewalks as Nancy Pelosi visited, with other members of the Colorado congressional delegation, the Stout Street Clinic in Denver. The clinic, by the way, is for homeless people. Pelosi was there to talk about funding for the clinic that has been open for 25 years, offering free services like immunization for children. Rush Limbaugh yesterday compared Pelosi to a Nazi, a discussion he justified because Pelosi dared to say swastikas were being displayed by anti-Obama protesters. How one proves that one's side of an argument doesn't compare Democrats to Nazis by comparing Democrats to Nazis is beyond the pay grade of the Rude Pundit.

But there you are, Sean Hannick, and this child whose parent should probably put down the sign in order to apply more sunscreen:

It's gotta be a proud day all around when you are yelling that giving homeless people health insurance would amount to socialism and/or tyranny in front of the one place that gives them health care.

Bonus sign for its unmitigated awesomeness:

That handmade one reads: "Obamacare is a death sentence for seniors; stop the communists in Washington." No swastika, but it does have what appears to be a hammer and sickle on it.