A Palate Cleanser: Republican House Candidate from Indiana Speaking Before His Supporters (No, Really):

It's honestly hard to tell what's most awesome about this photo of Republican Tony Zirkle, running for the Republican nomination in Indiana's 2nd District: the inbred-looking skinhead kid just to Zirkle's right or the "Happy Birthday" sign in front of the table. Let's go with the sign, since it was to celebrate the birthday of Adolf Hitler.

Even more awesomer? Zirkle's explanation. He was there to talk about getting rid of pornography: "'Most of the male porn stars were Jewish at the beginning,' Zirkle explained. Now the male porn stars are mostly black, he claimed, and the women who appear in pornographic works tend to be 'young, white, Christian women.' If people think he is targeting the Jews, he said, they are misinterpreting his position. He is targeting, Zirkle said, the 'porn dragon' that inspires Jews to get involved in pornography. Jewish men are culpable for running the business end of the pornography business, he said, but young white women are guilty of starring in it."

Strangely, Porn Dragon is one of the Rude Pundit's favorite Japanese animated porn films, featuring tentacle rape, smelly white panties, and a black dragon with a fire-shooting dick. Although he always wondered why the dragon was circumcised and wore a yarmulke, yet still could dance. Now Zirkle has answered that.

Bonus points: Zirkle compared his talk to George W. Bush speaking at Bob Jones University during the 2000 presidential campaign (which, bugfuck insane or not, he's got a point). Oh, and "I'll speak before any group that invites me. I've spoken on an African-American radio station in Atlanta."

Bonuser points: Zirkle's website, which features pure, undiluted nutsy, with pages titled "Prolific Porn Mule Serial Woman-Womb Slaughterers" and "Is Obama a Slave Owner Descendant?" (that one's got emoticons in it).

(To be fair, the local Republican party condemned him, and Zirkle doesn't stand a flea fart in a hurricane's chance in winning the nomination against Luke Puckett, let alone the election against incumbent Democrat Joe Donnelly, although Zirkle got 30% of the primary vote in 2006 against incumbent Chris Chocola. And, to be fair, that area of northern Indiana is filled with backward ass country fucks who despise the migrants who work the farms, although one can be sure they love to jack it to their white girl porn, the younger and Christianer the better.)