Getting Dicked by the Supreme Court (Part of the "Motherfuckering of America" Series):
A few observations about the Supreme Court's recent set of decisions:
1. Fuck you, Sandra Day O'Connor. Fuck you, fuck you, and, uh, oh, fuck you. Fuck you for stepping down, yet still being able to do work like for the Iraq Study Group. Fuck you for putting yourself and your family above the good of the country. And fuck you because, even though you're a conservative who allowed George W. Bush to take office, we have to wish you were still on the court. Fuck you because you probably would have voted differently than Justice Alito on both desegregation and late-term abortion, maybe even on the "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" case. Fuck you, and, hey, by the way, fuck you, Senate Democrats, for not having the balls to filibuster John Roberts or Samuel Alito. Don't fuckin' crow about how you voted against them. You could have stopped them.

2. Clarence Thomas is a total dick, a thuggish asshole who has sucked Antonin Scalia's dong for so long, he may as well be an honorary Italian. In the Morse v. Frederick case (aka "Bong Hits..."), Thomas wrote a concurring opinion just to make sure that everyone knows how much of a dick he is: "In light of the history of American public education, it cannot seriously be suggested that the First Amendment 'freedom of speech' encompasses a student’s right to speak in public schools." In fact, Thomas would have overturned an earlier decision that had long-established students' First Amendment rights. So, for Clarence Thomas, not only no bong hits, but no free student press, and, since this is what the 1969 Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District was about, no black armbands to silently protest war.

And the miasma of self-loathing throughout Thomas's concurrence on the school integration case decision is just pathetic. In fact, the whole decision there is bizarro, in which the Roberts court's majority says that Brown v. Board of Education somehow is about making sure that white kids go to the right school and that America is so much more equal now. Well, sure, perhaps, but, hey, take a trip to Jena, Louisiana before you start singin' "We Are the World." The majority's decision treats whites as an oppressed people, and if that ain't racist, then we've really gone through the looking glass on what that word even means.

3. As long as we're all talking about impeaching people, shit, let's gear up for a post-2008 impeachment of Roberts and Alito for lying to the Senate Judiciary Committee by saying, without any hint of hedging, that they believed in the principle of stare decisis, or respecting precedent. Shit, the tortured way in which Roberts attempts to wedge a respect for precedent into the integration case is a genius turn of Rovean rhetoric: "If I just say I'm upholding Brown, then no one can accuse me of not upholding it." Or, in other words, they won't say they're overturning precedent - they'll just make it impossible to enforce the precedent.

4. One of the disturbing things about the court's sharp right turn is how much power it removes from citizens. This week, we learned that: unless there's a court order, school districts shouldn't try to integrate the schools; citizens don't have standing to sue the government; and students need to be seen and not heard. In other words, the impression is that unless you are a corporation, shut the fuck up and don't start trouble. But if you are a corporation? Then you can fuck with the electoral process and make sure that no one can buy your products at a discount. The Roberts court: Money talks...and that's about it.

5. Well, fuck, at least we still don't execute crazy people.

6. And if Clarence Thomas is a total dick, Anthony Kennedy is a total pussy.

Update: The inmates at Gitmo are so fucked.