There Will Be No Ceasefire
I am not one to use the word EVIL. Like any good bleeding heart liberal, I’m afflicted with the tendency to see nuance, a multiplicity of shades of gray. In my humble opinion, since everyone does not see the world from the view of an East Nashville loft, the only sane way to solve disagreements is to try to understand another's view by listening, by talking, by negotiating with those who differ from me.

That's the theory.

It doesn't work with George W. Asshole. I look at him, and I see Pure Unadulterated EVIL.

George W. Asshole is ruining my life, my country, and the entire fucking world. Children are dying because an asshole who can't wipe his own butt is sitting on a Throne in Washington while his warmongering mental superiors stroke his inflated ego and pull his slimey strings.

Time and time again, George W. Asshole has proven himself to be incapable of listening to anyone who differs from his morally-challenged self-absorbed self.

Maybe there is Pure Unadulterated EVIL, an EVIL so malignant that it infects all who come near. Colin Powell got too close. Condoleezza Rice's apparent efforts to subvert the cowboy diplomacy have been snuffed out.

Sorry, too bad, la de da, there will be no ceasefire folks. All the little sleeping children will just have to die until we can, uhm, you know, uhm, come up with, er, a long-lasting peace, a sustainable ceasefire, uhm, cause, see, there is an urgent need for a permanent plan for an everfuckinglasting peace. Then, and only then, will the bombs stop falling on all the little sleeping children's heads.

Some fools might think that stopping the killing with an immediate ceasefire might facilitate the conversation, enable the listening, promote the negotiation, which might then all lead to something resembling a sustainable ceasefire. Those fools might not realize that just because there is an urgent need for a sustainable ceasefire does not fucking mean that there will be any fucking talking to Syria, to Iran, or, gawd forbid, to Hezbollah.

"You know, as we listen to our "National Anthem," it reminds us how blessed we are to live in a land where our boys and girls can grow up in a peaceful world. And on today, our hopes for peace for boys and girls everywhere extends across the world, especially in the Middle East." --George W. Asshole

Yeah, George W. Asshole, our boys and girls are blessed because no one is yet powerful or evil enough to fuck up our entire country with a lethal dose of our own special poisonous recipe of pre-emptive shock and awe.

Guess what, moron? If anyone is blessing us, it's the fucking devil.