Maryscott O'Connor, My Left Wing, and the Rude Pundit in the Washington Post Today:
The front page article, by David Finkel, is focused on My Left Wing founder (and Kossack) Maryscott O'Connor, about whom the Rude Pundit has long held dear a dream of a crazed weekend in a hotel suite in Santa Fe, with mezcal, peyote, and a live trio of tribal drummers. Finkel seeks to define "the Angry Left" through O'Connor, who will no doubt come across as crazy and bitchy to the cowering posers on the right. Finkel came up with the phrase his little ol' self, and while he occasionally seems as if he wants to pigeonhole O'Connor (and, by implication, the entire left), Maryscott's passion, commitment, and humanity come through. Which means Finkel was not out to demonize her. (Although let's not get into the photo editor.)

Along the way, the Rude Pundit gets quoted. Which is strange, since the Rude Pundit is full of love bones for everyone.

(Oh, by the way, long as we're tossin' out the linky love, check out Dark Syde's broadside against fundamentalism over on O'Connor's old digs, Daily Kos. It'll fill you with Easter bunny fuzziness.)