Rude Raleigh Interview:
The North Carolina alternative monthly, the Raleigh Hatchet (get it? A shout out to the Southern rockers in the house), has an extended interview with the Rude Pundit (only available in PDF form for now - click down to page 25). Marco Soto does the writing. Check it out in between banging your head on the wall as if you're a Democrat and the wall is Sammy Alito. (Link fixed.)

CD Update:
Initial sales of The Year of Living Rudely have been sweet, and for everyone who left comments on the CD Baby page, rude thanks. If you've heard the CD and wanna add a word or two (and haven't done so already), toss it into the pile.

If sales are strong enough, Mouth Noise wants to do a second CD for later this year, featuring live tracks and maybe even a radio friendly cut or two. So click on the tongue photo and buy those fuckers for friends, for relatives, for Teddy Kennedy, who could use a larf or two.