Swift Boat Vets for Truth Suck Gook Cock
TheSwift Boat Vets for Truth has got to be one of the most pathetic excuses for a special interest group in existence. It has one purpose: to attack one man on one issue . Its members are insane, the sad kind of Vietnam vets that will one day end up in a nut house, babbling on about the "injustice" they see in John Kerry not being "worthy" of his medals, unable to face the truth about their own hate. God, such sad fuckers usually are locked and loaded and tasting gun oil long before they sink to this kind of madness.

And they're really not being honest about anything, especially their own maniacal obsession. Look at their low-rent bullshit ad. Most of the images are of Kerry at protests and hearings after the war. The Swift Boat Vets don't give a mouse fuck about whether or not Kerry "earned" his medals through the correct amount of wounds and enemy gunfire. They are demented sons of bitches who have to justify their own time out in the shit, or they have to believe their government betrayed them. And they are too full of their own self-loathing to think that they have lived believing a big lie all these decades.

Fuck, on CNN this morning, Bill Hemmer, in that "Look at me, I'm not a bland automaton" way of his, interviewed one of the SBVs, Bob Elder, who said of Kerry, "We have sat silent in actual visceral contempt of this man for so many years." Visceral contempt? Sat silent for three decades? Man, keep these guys away from post offices. Of course, when Elder said that Kerry is not "fit to be commander in chief," Hemmer did not follow up with, "Do you think President Bush is?"

But "journalism" and John McCain aside, let us deal with the SBVs as we should deal with the insane - let us presume for a moment they are telling the truth and that John Kerry wasn't sufficiently wounded or sufficiently heroic to deserve either his first Purple Heart or his Silver Star. What are the consequences of that?

See, there's a debate going on in education about grade inflation. That is, teachers at all levels are too willing to give undeserved high marks to students. But the argument about grade inflation is not about the problems of the students - they can't inflate their own grades. It's about teachers and administrators - the ones actually responsible for the awarding of grades.

In order to receive a medal in the military, especially three decades ago, one had to go through an application process that involved letters and recommendations and approvals up through the ranks. If the SBVs are right about Kerry, then what they're really saying is that, well, the military is filled with incompetents and liars.

But does that matter to them? No. What matters is destroying John Kerry. And, like at My Lai and a hundred other places in 'Nam, it doesn't matter what they must wreck in order to do it.