The New Immigration Policy: Election Year Compassion Is Still Compassion (Updated):
The Rude Pundit is awaiting the arrival of Defcon Fucktard in the right's reaction to the new Obama administration directive that the Department of Homeland Security no longer deport young illegal immigrants who meet certain criteria, which means nearly a million people will no longer face persecution and will have a chance to stay and work and go to school legally. Defcon Fucktard is the second highest level of outrage. Conservative reactions to anything Democrats do range from Defcon Batshit all the way up to Defcon Lewinsky.

There's some expected statements: Republican Representative Lamar Smith gave what will be the standard GOP line, that the White House abrogated the "rule of law." He actually says, "How can the Administration justify allowing illegal immigrants to work in the U.S. when millions of Americans are unemployed?" as if Janet Napolitano is personally hiring every young immigrant to pick crops in Michelle Obama's organic garden of enforced communist healthiness. You'll hear a lot of this, how the President should have worked with the Congress, as if that's even remotely possible with this batch of incompetents and motherfuckers. Watch for a lawsuit and the same bastards and bitches who let George W. Bush merrily do whatever the fuck he wanted to their yearning congressional assholes will now cry, "Constitutional crisis."

However, you can find the occasional sane conservative. Here from, of all places, the ultra-Christian Focus on the Family is Tom Minnery making the immigration case in a strangely, well, Christian way: "Pastors who minister to Hispanic congregations tell us that breadwinners here without legal status would be more likely to face the music, had they only this assurance: that they wouldn’t be immediately arrested and deported, leaving their families destitute." That's a serious "Holy shit, I agree with this asshole" statement.

In other words, the mainstream media is going to try to fan the flames to fill some time and give its panels o' pundacity something to talk about. Right Blogsylvania will have its usual hategasm. But, at the end of the day, most people, real people, are gonna look at this and think, "Well, shit, sure."

Yes, it's a cynical election year pander for El Vote-o Latino. But that doesn't make it bad policy. It's the DREAM Act lite, and, as such it makes the United States a far more compassionate country. Another way to think about it is this: President Obama just changed the week's narrative on his campaign. It totally fucks with the Romney campaign's focus on the economy.

Yesterday, a Romney bus tried to disrupt Obama's speech in Cleveland by honking like the braying ass its candidate is. As Romney heads off on a magic bus trip through several states, this is the Obama campaign's "Fuck you and have a great time, Mitt. Guess what everyone's gonna ask you about now, motherfucker? Oh, and shove your horn up your ass."

Update: The shorter version of President Obama's statement today is "Congress can go fuck itself with its filibuster. Somebody's gotta get shit done." Oh, and imagine the convulsion of revulsion that would have vomited out of the press during the Bush administration if a liberal reporter had interrupted the President while he was making a statement. Strip that bastard's credentials and never let him near the White House again.