End of Year Haiku 2010 (Part 2):
From the terrible Supreme Court decision that started the year to the shocking grace notes that ended it, sometimes it's just better to say less than more about the tumultuous times. Through haiku, perhaps?

Citizens United
Ironic name, no?
For the new destruction of
Our United States?

A Very Beck 2010

He gets fringier;
His followers get their guns;
Truth asks, "What the fuck?"

Tea Party in Congressional Wonderland
Recall: in the book,
The Mad Hatter is sentenced
For murdering time.

Safety Under Obama
Two years, no attacks.
For the right, that no longer
Counts for anything.


Julian Assange
Is not the story, but he's
A good distraction.

Illegal Immigrants
Make better scapegoats
Because they have no voice to
Cry a plaintive "Nay."

Wait, There's Still a War?

Helmand bleeds poppy
Blooms and men, like skin on a
Never-healed tattoo.

Last Minute Good News
At least gay men and
Lesbians can freely die
For our lost causes.

(Note: Rude readers are invited to send in their own haiku about 2010 to rudepundit[at]yahoo.com. The Rude Pundit's already received about 50 or 60. He'll publish the best ones tomorrow. So let's set an arbitrary deadline of, oh, hell, midnight tonight.)