A Little Bit O' Linky Love on a Saturday (and a Request):
While a couple of ACORN employees falling for a conservative punking is certainly the most importantest story in the history of anything, the Rude Pundit prefers to spend a bit of his weekends ignoring such things and reading stuff about real-life miracles and wonders. To wit: check out this geeked-to-the-max interview with a rich dude who went into space at examiner.com.

By the way, if anyone is heading to the 9/12 festival o' crazy today in DC, be sure to send on reports and pics to the Rude Pundit. And remember: the old people who surround you today are merely death panel fodder tomorrow.

And, well, fuck, as long as we're all here and since the whole Stephanie Miller thing has brought a round of new readers to the Rude Pundit's place, all whining about "why no comments?" this is as good a time as any to say to all of them, "Comment free-for-alls are encouraged at the Rude Pundit's Facebook page. Go there and have fun fucking with, macking on, and abusing each other."