Ah, Shit, Steve Gilliard:
After an extended hospital stay, Steve Gilliard, one of the granddaddies of the blog world, died this morning at 41. His voice on the News Blog was a genuine combination of fury and hope, a cynic but an asskicker, someone who intelligently raged against the bullshit and, especially, racism of national and New York City politics and culture. He could boot you in the nuts and make you understand why he had to do it. And, in person, that big motherfucker was a kind, soft-spoken, and humane presence. He was an inspiration to and a great supporter of the efforts of the Rude Pundit and many other bloggers. His passing leaves a big goddamn hole in the heart of Left Blogsylvania.

You can check out his archives at his old URL. The News Blog itself is understandably dark.