Why Bill O'Reilly Ought To Be Sodomized With a Microphone (Part 72):
Bill O'Reilly, Fox "News" commentator and fuck fantasy of every beaten housewife in America, is obsessed with his confrontation with New York Times columnist and Princeton economist Paul Krugman on CNBC over a week ago. O'Reilly has been playing clips of the interview, showing him presumably beating up on Krugman, and roaring like a lion over the body of a gazelle. God, it's so pathetic because what's going on here is good old class warfare: "Look, folks," O'Reilly is saying, "you fantasy working class that I believe I represent, look at your hero open a six-pack of whoop-ass up on the tweedy Ivy-Leaguer from the New York Times." Last night, substitute host John Gibson played it again (with part two to air tonight).

The biggest problem here, and the thing that makes O'Reilly so sad that if he were a dog, we'd be makin' that long drive to the pound with him, is that Krugman kicked O'Reilly's fuckin' loudmouthed ass and then pissed on him while O'Reilly was lying on the ground, flailing like a 1950s gang member with a cut jugular, even in the excerpts O'Reilly plays on his show. It takes a genuinely tyrannical evil to dupe people into thinking your failures are victories.

But don't take O'Reilly's or the Rude Pundit's word for it. Read the entire one-hour show from CNBC's transcripts. Sure, you may have heard excerpts on Al Franken's Air America radio show. But only the full hour does the obnoxiousness any kind of justice. Click over to it here. (This entry used to contain the full transcript, but it was cluttering things up.)