Next Stop Is Vietnam (And a Brief Note About Why Bob Dole Oughta Be Sodomized With an Ink Pen):
The Rude Pundit has said that the true goal of the Swift Boat Vets for Truth has nothing to do with Kerry's war record; it's actually about the psyche of the vets themselves, suppressing the horrible knowledge that their government betrayed them as surely as a lover you catch fucking the houseboy. And, therefore, what they really want to attack is John Kerry, the "wild-eyed" hippie activist, and not Kerry, the soldier. Check out their new ad, titled "Sellout.".

In "Sellout," Kerry's testimony about war crimes in Vietnam before the Senate Armed Services Committee in 1971 is quoted out of context. Where Kerry is talking about testimony already given about atrocities, "Sellout" gives only the part of the quote that makes it seem as if Kerry is speaking these things for the first time. (Kerry didn't only say, "They had personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads," but had attributed the stories to "honorably discharged" vets who had testified at previous hearings.) But that fact's been argued about over and over.

The ad also features other vets, today, saying things like, "It hurt me . . . He betrayed us in the past . . . It demoralized us." They make reference to torture in 'Cong prison camps. But they do not in any way refute what Kerry testified. And this time, in this ad, they do not say Kerry is lying. And that's because the facts are that atrocities occurred - all of the things Kerry spoke out about - and are part of the history of the Vietnam war. So what galls these Swift Boat Vets and others about Kerry's testimony? It's that he told the truth, that he was a whistleblower, that he told those in power, "Here's this fucked-up, awful, disgusting piece of shit war you are forcing us to fight and here's the fucked-up, awful, disgusting things we've been doing in your name."

Put it this way: let's suppose that Joseph Darby, the soldier who blew the whistle on the torture at Abu Ghraib (and now hiding from death threats), decided to run for office. Let's say that a group called "Iraq Prison Guards for Truth" ran an ad with all kinds of sinister music, with former Abu Ghraib guards saying shit like "Joseph Darby betrayed us." The Rude Pundit would hope beyond hope that the majority of people would decide the "Iraq Prison Guards for Truth" was a bunch of batshit insane, crazed monkeys who should be locked up for the public good.

What the Swift Boat Vets are saying is that John Kerry was supposed to shut up, that Kerry and the hundreds of vets who testified the truth about what was going on in 'Nam had no right to out the horrors that many (good pundit caveat: not all) soldiers perpetrated. And why did Kerry speak out? Because he wanted the motherfucking useless goddamned war to end. He wanted to save lives from being wasted in a war that ripped America apart. But, like every whistleblower before and after, like every cop who ever turned in cops on the take, like every FBI agent who said that the FBI was negligent on 9/11, Kerry was treated like a pariah by those who feared what he had to say.

So, in total, Kerry stands accused by the Swift Boat Vets and their toadies in the media of not being injured too badly, of not being heroic enough, and of telling the truth to the American public. God, what a pussy Kerry must be. (Can you imagine how vast the conspiracy must be to cover up for Kerry since every goddamn extant record supports him?)

Side note: Oh, how we were all suckered by Bob Dole, thinking he was just that delightful old guy who is so fuckin' funny on The Daily Show and alluding to jackin' off to Britney Spears in Pepsi ads. But we forget, oh, how we forget, what a vicious, belittling, egomanical gimp he is. All shaky and shit, quivering hand clinging to that goddamn pen for sweet life, Dole says Kerry should "apologize" for whistleblowing and that Kerry only had "superficial wounds" which got him the Purple Hearts. Alright, motherfuckers who support Dole on this, are you ready to open it all up? Take back every Purple Heart ever given to less-than-gimp-creating wounds? Next time we see lovable Bob Dole making us think about his withered cock getting all half-stiff from a double dose of Viagra so he can lamely fuck Libby in her "Red Cross," let's remember that he really gets it up, high and hard, when he's spreading the hate.