Democrats Should Go on the Offensive Against the Supreme Court

Look, the Supreme Court is not some super secret cabal of demigods who fly above the filthy, earthbound realm of politics. No, they are nine human being who shit and fart and fuck (one would hope), and you only need to look at the highly political negotiations behind the scenes when decisions are being made to understand that. 

And Supreme Court is the top of the Judiciary, one of three supposedly co-equal branches of government. It's like the president is the top of the Executive branch and the leaders of the Congress...you get the fuckin' idea. And the president has no problem talking shit about Congress and vice versa. But, for some reason, while it's fine to talk shit about lower courts, there's this bright line around the Supreme Court.

When Barack Obama mildly reproached the court for the bullshit Citizens United decision, which unlocked the hell of unlimited election spending by "outside" groups, you'd have thought he was eating Grey Poupon on a hamburger with Common at the White House while wearing a tan suit. (And, yes, kids, those are all things that right-wing fucknuts criticized Obama for because everything is stupid.)

Last week, the Supreme Court not only decided to hear Trump's appeal of the ironclad, unanimous ruling by the DC Circuit Court of Appeals that "no, you motherfucker, you're not fucking immune from crimes because you were president, what fucking bullshit is that, get the fuck out of our court, fuck" or words to that effect, while legal scholars across the political spectrum agreed, adding "Go fuck yourself. You're not a king." But the high court took over two weeks to make that decision and, instead of saying, "We know both sides are ready to go. Let's do this," set the week April 22 as when they'll hear the case. Then it might not rule until some fuckin' time in June.

It was such obvious election interference in Trump's favor that you almost have to respect how blatant the whole thing was, like a coordinated effort to bring a dictatorship into being. They are doing everything they can to push the January 6 case back as far as possible, to after the election, if they can, because they've put a hold on the case progressing until they rule. It's fucked beyond fucked, and I'm kind of pissed that liberal Justices Sotomayor, Kagan, and Jackson didn't at least issue a dissent, if not spill all the tea about what the hell is going on.

So, fuck it. The Judiciary is co-equal, right? Democratic leaders should act like it and go on the attack. They should call into question the ethics of all of the conservatives, especially that dick Clarence Thomas, whose wife was literally coordinating with people during the insurrection. They should demand an explanation for why the case was taken, since none was given. They should organize protests and behave like the court has gone rogue because the court has fucking well gone rogue against democracy. (Although, for fuck's sake, don't show up at their houses or SWAT them. Just fucking don't.)

And make changing the court's makeup a focus of the 2024 election. I guarantee that if it were a 6-3 liberal court, Republicans would be running on how a GOP Senate and president could add justices until it shifted ideologically. The court has decided once again to help out one side in the election of a president, like it did in 2000. It's gotten political. So drag it off its pedestal and make it fight in the mud with the rest of the branches of government. 

Sure, it might not have an effect on a decision. But it will affect how the decision is seen by voters. The court's already full of shit to the majority of Americans because of the Dobbs decision declaring that states can turn women into brood mares. A good dose of political condemnation can prep voters to get even angrier if the court actually dares to grant some measure of immunity to Trump. It can hammer home that we are the only ones who can save this goddamn country from catastrophe. (And I don't want to hear what the tea-leaf readers say about what the court might do. They were all sure that the case wouldn't be taken and the appeals decision would stand. They told us that was what the delay meant. Their tea leaves were wrong, as vegetation-based predictions usually are.)

The hands-off approach to attacking the Supreme Court hasn't done a goddamn thing. Well, screw it. Let them know that they may be human beings who shit and fart and fuck, but so are the rest of us.