New Trump Indictment: Trump Didn't Give a Solitary Fuck About Anyone But Himself

One thing that has always bugged the shit out of me with the reaction of Donald Trump, who really was president of the United States for a weird, fucked-up period of time, to the results of the 2020 election. It's something that has bugged lots of people and it's something that others have said but deserves to be stated again in this new, post-third indictment context. So I'm not treading new ground when I say this: the easiest way to see that Trump knew that he lost the 2020 election is that he only ever says that his election was "stolen." 

See, if you gave a single fuck about "election integrity" or some such shit, you'd have to insist that the whole goddamned election was screwed up and everyone who got elected did so unfairly, including any Republicans. But even in that case, you'd think that Trump would have made the play because Democrats kept the House and Senate. If the election was all kinds of fucked with cheating and machine hacks and shady workers, if Republican area ballots were stolen or Democratic area ballots were illegally cast multiple times, then that's the case you make. You'd say all of it was fucked, including local races, including ballot initiatives, the whole damn thing. Toss it out and do it again.

By not insisting on these broad-based election shenanigans, but instead absolutely ignoring every other race (except for some late in the game concerns about the Georgia Senate races), Trump and his legal team were saying something that was simply impossible. If Trump votes were thrown out, then that meant other votes were, but Trump insisted that some people just voted for president and nothing else. Indeed, he insisted that dead people voted for Joe Biden and no one else. But there was no evidence of that. It would have had to be a massive fraud scheme with precise details and many different ways of going about it, overvoting for Biden in some places, ignoring Trump votes in others. You'd have to be fucking deranged or, you know, the stupidest of MAGA cretins, which is not a high bar to clear, in order to believe that you could commit fraud with such precision on such a broad scale. 

Yeah, the easiest fucking thing would have been for Trump to say the whole election was fucked and that he was standing up for everyone, every single candidate, every single voter. But Trump's poisonous narcissism would not allow that. It was about him and only him and fuck everyone else. The only votes that mattered were the ones for him. All other votes were worthless. 

Special Counsel Jack Smith points this out in the indictment when he discusses Trump's doltish attempts to get Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to find one more vote than needed to cover the spread between him and Biden. That came after Georgia's Bureau of Investigation said it "was examining all such claims and finding no merit to them." If the allegations of election fuckery couldn't be proven, then, fuck it, Brad, just fuckin' lie about the votes. That's proof right there that Trump knew he lost because, again, that's not what you do when you think something terrible has happened to the nation. It's when you don't want something terrible to happen to you. If you are defending the right to vote, you don’t ask the Georgia Secretary of State to find just enough votes for you to win the state.

Again and again, what comes through in the indictment, as it did in the report of the January 6 committee, is that Trump and his lawyer lackeys and lickspittles all thought that Democrats are simply not valid as voters or, indeed, as citizens. In fact, no one is really, truly American unless they support Donald Trump and would be willing to go to the barricades for him, quite literally on January 6, 2021. You are someone who is just trying to count votes? Fuck you, you're part of a conspiracy. You're a Republican elections official certifying votes that show Trump lost? Fuck you, you're RINO. You're a judge who rules that reality is actually real? Fuck you, you're a deep state puppet. 

What Smith has done is say there is one clear fucking reason for all this and its name is Donald Trump. You either can believe that thousands of people were involved in a massive, virtually undetectable effort to steal the election or you can believe that Donald Trump lost and couldn't fucking handle it because he knew that his criminal ass was exposed. And Smith is rightfully aghast that it was the motherfucking President of the motherfucking United States who committed all these acts. 

Think of how fucked it all is. To take one example, think of how many people degraded themselves for him, throwing themselves into committing crimes at his crude bidding through screamed speeches and hysterical tweets. Think of the lives destroyed just by listening to this prissy, bourgeois, orange pig man. Check out this paragraph on the false electors scheme: "On the same day [as the legitimate electors voted], at the direction of the Defendant and Co-Conspirator 1 [Trump and 'Big Tits' Giuliani], fraudulent electors convened sham proceedings in the seven targeted states to cast fraudulent electoral ballots in favor of the Defendant." They got state officials involved in it. Now, I'm no fancy shitheel attorney clawing at Trump's wallet pocket, but that's not First Amendment shit. That's "broke the fuckin' law" shit.  Trump didn't care, man. Trump didn't care that people were being induced to commit crimes. Trump didn't care that he was inspiring violence. As long as they were doing it for him, shit, that just shows they're good Americans. And, also, in the end, at its climax, it was a Hail Mary pass, a long shot, and he sat there for hours, waiting to see if those motherfuckers really got it done for him on January 6. 

Yeah, we're grateful for those who didn't allow themselves to be sucked into Trump's fantasy maw. And, yeah, it's all well and good that people like Attorney General Bill Barr resigned rather than participate in the dicking over of the American people. It's fine that Vice President Mike Pence realized that his ass might be in a world of shit if he didn't certify the election and stood up to Trump. But it's not fuckin' fine that they stayed pretty damn quiet about how Trump was wrecking the joint until fairly recently. 

Barr and Pence and so many others who flinched at the end won't be charged with crimes. But they are guilty for putting the country in this fucking bind, for abetting a louche loser for as long as they did, riding his flabby coattails until they finally frayed too much for them. They let him shit all over the nation repeatedly and wiped his ass and said he could load up on fast food and do it again. 

Yeah, Trump, that rancid garbage dump of a human, needs to be jailed. But the stench from him will permeate us for the rest of most of our lives. The derangement will take a generation to phase out. It all starts with Trump finally being punished, and, truly, it looks like he really might be.