Liz Cheney Demonstrates the Least You Can Do to Preserve Democracy

Among the lies that Republicans tell themselves to justify their continued deranged, perhaps even traitorous behavior in refusing to back down from the Big Lie that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump, one of the most persistent is that Democrats were always trying to "overturn" the 2016 election. You remember that one, right? Where Trump lost by 3 million votes but, because our democracy is a bullshit vestige of a time when our oh-so-wise founders decided to coddle slaveowners through the creation of the Electoral College, he still won? Sure, sure, when it was time for Congress to certify the electoral vote, a few Democrats in the House objected, but no senators signed on and there was never a question that then-Vice President Joe Biden was going to do the constitutional thing. 

After that, it was over. Really. Yes, there were investigations into election interference by Russia and others, but those were conducted by committees led by Republicans and Democrats. Yes, there were two impeachments, but, at best, those would have removed Trump from office and left in Pence (no one had the stomach to impeach Pence, too), thus still not overturning the 2016 election. And, sure, lots of people thought Trump was illegitimately elected and harbored some fantasy that the Mueller Report or a Supreme Court decision or, hell, the hand of God or something might sweep him out of office and reset everything back to how it was before the fucktastrophe of the Trump administration, and, shit, that was even before the pandemic, the economic collapse, and the insurrection.

For the most part, though, post-2016, Democrats sucked it up and moved on. No Cult of Hillary developed that demanded that all Democrats must declare themselves loyal to her or be exiled by the leadership of the party. We Democrats really don't work that way. At our most craven, Obama-fellating peak, we still had it in us to criticize our leaders and even turn against them. Of course we have our personality cults, most recently in the Bernie-can-do-no-wrong weirdness, but, again, it has never been this fucked-up outright denial of reality that the Republican Party has  embraced as a lover and declared that all must allow themselves to be fucked by it in order to be loyal Republicans.

Now, I don't have a lick of pity for Representative Liz Cheney of Wyoming, she who is one of the loin leavings of the legitimately malevolent Dick Cheney. She's a conservative's conservative, someone who has no problem going full-tilt scorched earth. Shit, in her response to President Biden's speech to Congress last week, she called his plans "dangerous" and "heartless" and that "the far-left is now in control of the Democrat Party." I mean, that's like being the shit-throwingest baboon in the monkey house. But it's not enough unless everything you do as a Republican involves you gently cupping Donald Trump's tiny balls and buffing them to a high sheen.

Rep. Cheney is facing a likely ouster from her leadership position in the House Republican caucus because she refuses to back down from acknowledging the truth: that Joe Biden won the 2020 election fair and square. That's not praiseworthy. It's literally the least anyone could do to preserve our democracy. It's like giving someone a trophy for not stabbing you in the face or burning down your house when, sure, they could have totally done that, but we generally don't reward people for being basically civilized. All Cheney's doing is saying that reality is real, and the vast majority of Republicans won't even do that. It means that the GOP is a fuck-cluster of batshit conspiracy mongers and cynical pukes who exploit the deranged, all of them varying degrees of fucking racist.

Cheney has had a couple of Republicans support her, ones who will no doubt be booed and purged by their states. The Wall Street Journal, among others, has written that Cheney shouldn't be sent to pasture. As they put it, "The election was close, but not as close as others in American history." Cheney herself just wrote her justification for her stand in the Washington Post, while still shitting on Democrats. Meanwhile, Republicans are telling Trump not to worry, that Cheney is as good as dead to the party leadership, with corpse worms like Steve Scalise supporting booting her and installing Trump ass remora Elise Stefanik in her place.

Apparently, Republicans are right: you can get canceled for offensive speech.

Imagine being a Republican and given the choice to go all in with the saggy orange nutsack who rages into the ether on his blog (trust me, I know how that feels) or to change your current platform of tax cuts, racism, and Trump worship, you choose the nutsack. In fact, you choose the nutsack so hard that it completely changes you so that everything you do is so you can keep that nutsack happy, and you feel good about yourself when the nutsack is satisfied. I don't feel sorry for any of these GOP fuckfleas, but, man, sometimes you gotta look up from the meth pipe, glance in a mirror, and ask yourself if you like the toothless bitch you see looking back. Of course, Republicans are so far gone that they'll say they look awesome as they decide to move on to shooting that shit up.

The Republican Party must be thought of and dealt with as an anti-democratic insurgency, one that won't be satisfied until it has eliminated the need for elections in order to maintain power. Without the Liz Cheneys in the GOP, if these fuckers win back the House, it's gonna be crazy shit when it comes time to certify the 2024 election if it's even a little close and the Republican candidate has lost. If that candidate happens to be Trump, they will fucking blow up DC to put his huge ass back in the Oval Office. And I'm not really being hyperbolic with the idea of Republicans blowing shit up.

I keep thinking about this quote from an anonymous GOP official from just after the election in November 2020 on Trump wanting to challenge the results: "What is the downside for humoring him for this little bit of time? No one seriously thinks the results will change." No one, it seems, except the deranged rubes and those who want to win on the backs of the deranged rubes. Oh, and, if you can, take them for every penny they've got to fund whatever bullshit "legal challenge" you want, all the better.