Trump Assures That We Stay Angry with a Parade of Horribles

One thing that is remarkable about the remarkably bad presidency of Donald Trump, who is really just a sack of yams with a deranged parrot on top of it, is that every single time the mongrels of the media start to say that he's "pivoting" or taking "a new tone," he undercuts that by doing more scandal. It's either an offhand remark or tweet, like telling accused child sex trafficker and rapist Ghislaine Maxwell that "I wish her well," or the revelation of some other scandal, like the fact that Trump asked redundantly-named Woody Johnson, the U.S. ambassador to Britain, to convince the British government to move the British Open golf tournament to Trump's failing golf resort in Scotland.

There's always a danger that we simply get used to one form of fuckery, like Trump's constant violation of the emoluments clause in the Constitution, and it fades into the deafening background drone of crime and offense that marks this presidency and this administration and this party. You don't want to become complacent, but as long as Republicans are willing to cover up for Trump, many Americans have a "well, what are you gonna do?" attitude. Ah, well, we'll fix it in the election, we think, hilariously, since there's no guarantee we'll make it to the election or that the election won't be fixed in Trump's favor or that Trump would leave office if he lost. Our adorably naive belief and hope that the mechanisms of democracy will function as they're supposed to in 2020 might not be enough. 

But there's no fucking break here. Sure, sure, we keep saying, "This isn't normal," but systems have a way of adapting. Some of us think about the migrant kids who are still being separated from their parents or the mistreatment of the kids who are on their own, but most of the country has absorbed that horror as either forgotten or solved or "well, what are you gonna do?" We moved on from something so abjectly, objectively terrible, the very policy that Trump should have been impeached over, and that truly says something sad about all of us.

Fortunately, Trump is a bounty of crime and unethical behavior. Today, as I'm writing this, that piece of shit president and his evil walrus attorney general are announcing that they will be sending an alphabet soup of hundreds of federal law enforcement officers (or, you know, stormtroopers) to Chicago, since the ongoing dress rehearsal in Portland went so well, and that other cities will follow. Trump said, militaristically, "Today I’m announcing a surge of federal law enforcement into American communities plagued by violent crime." Of course, Trump spoke about this in the rapiest way possible, saying that the cities "need it badly" and "should want it." Of course, they don't want it, as governors and mayors have made crystal-fuckin'-clear, but der Trumpen-fuhrer will not be deterred from securing the fatherland (as in "I bet my father would love me if he saw how I'm treating this land"). And, hey, it's probably unconstitutional for him to be doing this specifically for policing purposes, as Walrus Barr said it would be, so throw another impeachment log on the dead fire.

Speaking of unconstitutional, Trump signed an executive order saying that undocumented immigrants aren't people and shouldn't be counted by the Census for the purpose of reallocating congressional districts, even if the Constitution is pretty fuckin' clear on this matter: minus some Native Americans, because racism, the 14th Amendment says you gotta count "the whole number of persons in each state." What's vaguely hilarious here is that Trump's memorandum cites (not by name) California as benefiting in the number of congressional seats it gets because of the number of undocumented immigrants, but the other states that get fucked by this include Texas, Florida, and Georgia. It's just more racist chum to the scavengers and bottom feeders in Trump's fucked-up base, real implications be damned.

And, of course, the titanic coronavirus fucktastrophe. But, sure, he said to wear a mask.

The point here isn't just to point out all the ways that Donald Trump is just awful, just the worst human being, the kind of gluttonous, greedy scumbag who thinks his success should be measured by how many models he's banged while married and how shiny his gold toilet is. We know that. It's that the real mistake Trump is making is, by not giving us a break from new outrages, he's assuring that we don't lose our anger. I think that the GOP and Trump and Trump's evil cockscab advisers think that if they keep hitting us, we'll give up. 

But look at those brave motherfuckers in Portland, man. The federal officers there are making every goddamn mistake in the goddamn book short of shooting someone with live ammo. Yet more and more people, less Antifa and more soccer mom, are showing up for the protests. He's fanning flames, and he thinks the fire makes his orange color shine brightly when it just makes him look like a fucking demon. What do you think is going to happen in Chicago? I don't put it past Trump to go full Kent State. Hell, I don't put it past Trump to cut unemployment benefits so that crime skyrockets in cities and he can justify his troops taking over. It's hard, man, really fucking hard to keep seeing what's happened to this country so quickly. It's heartening to see us not go quietly into that fascist night.

(Note: Of course, all of this would have been easy if news organizations had latched onto one fuckin' scandal with all the energy, resources, and time they poured into Hillary Clinton's stupid email server story.)