Quickie: In 2010, Republicans Won Because of Incivility and Anger

Let me take you back, way, way back, all the way to the ancient age of 2009 and 2010. A black Muslim man was uppity enough be president. Evil Democrats had majorities in both the House and Senate. And a brave rebel named Mitch McConnell was willing to stop any legislation from ever being passed again. Simpler times, man, simpler times.

A noble band of patriots called "the Tea Party" decided to take their country back or make it great again or something because the black Muslim and the evil Democrats had dared to give them health insurance.  So they took their righteous anger to town hall meetings held by the Democrats and any Republicans who dared to want to work with the black Muslim, and they ranted and raged until they silenced anyone who wanted to talk about issues until many members of Congress decided to just avoid town halls with their constituents.

And, of course, the media condemned the incivility, and Republicans lost because they couldn't control their more radical voters.

Oh, no, wait. The media, for the most part, wanted to understand the rage of the tri-corner hat-wearing yokels, and the 2010 blood red tide turned the Congress Republican. Yeah, that happened.

Rage works. We're angry because they want to take away health care, imprison children, and gut the government.  Learn to ride the wave, Democrats, or you're gonna just ebb and break before you ever reach shore.