Trump and Hannity Should Get a Room Next Time

Just before it was time to record, Fox "news" host Sean Hannity asked his assistant, "He likes the mint, right?" His assistant assured him that the mint lip balm was his guest's favorite. "Okay, because I want to make sure he's happy," Hannity said. "He is, after all, our president."

The question came up when Hannity sat opposite Donald Trump before an audience of cheering supporters at the Air National Guard base in Middletown, Pennsylvania. "I hope you remembered the mint this time, Smilin' Seannie," Trump said.

"Yes, Mr. President, I sure did," Hannity exclaimed, pulling the small tube out of his jacket, delighted that Trump had remembered that nickname.

Trump leered, "Lemme see you put it on. Slowly." Hannity grinned as he took the top off and slowly dragged the greasy stick around his lips. "Nice, Seannie. Nice."

The director counted down and then they began. "My second interview since you've been president," Hannity said and then turned to the crowd. "Do you guys want to start with good news?" To the screams of the audience, the TV host got down on his knees and reached into Trump's already unzipped fly, dug around for a moment before coming across something like a toddler's pinky or a shriveled Vienna sausage, pulled it forward as far as he could, and encircled it with his lips.

"Oh, yeah, love that mint," Trump said, leaning back, the better for Hannity to get an angle that would allow him at least some minimal head bobbing without the worm-head penis flopping out of his mouth. Hannity was used to this part, the effort to get Trump even partially erect.

"The market is up 25 percent since you won," Hannity fluffed. "$5.2 trillion in wealth created. We have the lowest unemployment rate in 16 years." He felt the dick twitch until it became like an old cornichon, rubbery but with some stiffness to it. Now he could really go to town. He said, "We are going to be talking at length about your economic plan. It's reform but it's a massive tax cuts."

Trump moaned, "This is the largest tax cut in the history of our country." And then he shoved Hannity's head down as he lied, "Right now, Sean, we are the highest taxed nation in the world." The lies always bring him to the edge of orgasm.

On it went, as Hannity moved through the fake economic plan, and then got to energy and jobs, keeping up a steady pace of sucking and licking, occasionally trying to use a couple of fingers to find room for some yanking. "You've ended a lot of the Obama era regulations," he said, knowing that degrading the name of the black ex-president would give Trump the kind of pleasure that you usually only get from a willing fellater with a pierced tongue. "Especially in industries like energy and coal."

Hannity had learned well and was really good at this, Trump had to admit to himself before gasping in ecstasy, "We are opening mines. We are opening mines in the state of Pennsylvania. We're opening mines in other places. You know, coal is a very, and I call it clean coal. They have technology today that is so incredible, what they can do with the piece of coal is so incredible. I call it clean coal." The fact that mine jobs aren't coming back and that he has no idea what clean coal is (and it's a lie, too) didn't even enter into his mind. All he could think was "Yeah, Smilin' Seannie, yeah."

As the blow job went on, Trump almost came four or five times, but Hannity had the better part of an hour to fill, so he knew when to let up. When Hannity got the crowd to applaud and yell its approval for the phrase "fake news," Trump almost spooged, but Hannity slowed his pace. His cock almost exploded again when Trump went racist talking about crime in urban areas: "You look at what is happening in our inner cities. It's horrible what is going on in terms of the death, in terms of shooting. A woman gets up and she wants to go on a walk with her beautiful daughter. Get a loaf of bread and she ends up getting shot or the daughter gets shot."

What finally did it for Trump is what always does the trick. Hannity brought up potential Russian interference in the election, which gave Trump some brief rage wood. That made Trump flashback to his glory day. "This was an excuse that was used by the Democrats. An excuse for losing an election that frankly they should have won, because winning the Electoral College is so easy for Democrats," Trump whispered, starting to shake a bit as Hannity bore down, sucking like a Hoover set on deep pile. "They start off with three major states. To win the electoral college for a Democrat, it's almost like a given. That is why people said you cannot get to 270. We got to 306."

And, at that number, those magical three digits, as the crowd burst into cheers, Trump came, thrusting forward, dribbling a drop or two of semen into Hannity's mouth, which he eagerly devoured as he sat back. Zipping up, Trump winked at Hannity, who grinned as fulsomely as any man ever has.

Before heading out, Trump said, "And thanks for not asking a single thing about Puerto Rico."

"Now, I would never do that to you, sir," Hannity assured the back of the president.