The Deep Denial of Trump Supporters: Puerto Rico Edition

Imagine, if you will, President Donald Trump as a giant, bloated, orange sow and his idiot hordes of supporters as a litter of inbred piglets, each with their own deformity and damage, all kinds of shades of orange, each just a hungry, squeaking pig baby, all fighting with each other, shoving and climbing over one another, desperately trying to get to the Trump sow's engorged teats, so rich with the sweet, white milk of intense contempt and abject hatred, and when one idiot piglet furiously suckles from the Trump sow's nipple, another thinks the first piglet is becoming too favored, so it bites and pushes until the first mutant piglet unlatches and the angrier piglet can shove the Trump sow teat into his mouth, thrilled as the warm malignancy of Trump's milk pours into him, not realizing or even caring that what they drink is poisoned, that it is getting into their piglet systems and turning them into irrational, tiny beasts who believe that their squeals need to be heard above everyone else's.

Meanwhile, the Trump sow sighs deeply, satisfied in the knowledge that his poison is spreading.

We see it time and again, the way that Trump's voters will ignore whatever reality is right in their faces, whatever facts are present, in order to justify, defend, and believe something that Trump says. Try telling them that the Trump administration is deliberately sabotaging the Affordable Care Act and they'll scream that Obamacare is in a death spiral or a disaster or some such shit. Hell, you can bet that they believe Trump that the ACA repeal didn't happen because a senator was in the hospital despite the clear, indisputable fact that no senator was in the hospital. How else do you get the rubes to buy the snake oil from your wagon if you don't get them to believe that massive tax cuts for the wealthy will help them, not you?

My favorite recent version of the sputtering, delusional denial of Trump supporters is that Trump isn't fucking up the response to devastation in Puerto Rico. In fact, fuck you, you hater, for even implying that.

It's all over Twitter:

Right-wing commentators are pissed off that Trump's not getting credit for doing the least he could do:

By the way, that 10,000 number that Trump piglets keep tossing around is the number of National Guard members that were already stationed on the island. (More have arrived, yes, but they've been using that number since the day after the hurricane.)

Some Trump piglets are pissed off at Rihanna:

And I mean really pissed off at Rihanna:

And neo-Nazis are pissed, too:

And some piglets just suckle without shame:

Meanwhile, in what we might consider "reality," Trump had to be shamed into lifting the Jones Act, which will allow ships to more quickly deliver aid. He keeps lying about the federal response and the "reviews" he's getting and even the size of Hurricane Maria. And people who are on the ground there or, you know, have eyes are seeing Trump's failure to expedite aid as racist and cruel. And the general who was appointed by President Bush (you know, a Republican) to clean up his fuck-ups after Hurricane Katrina is saying that this is some bullshit right here. And the aid that has arrived hasn't been able to be distributed because, hell, I guess someone forgot to send some fucking trucks or something.

What the piglets count on is that the Trump sow will never run out of poisoned milk. It looks like it never will.