Almost the End of the Biennial Anniversary Fundraiser and Wordy Title Generator: Help Start a Rude Podcast

Tomorrow is R-Day, the 14th anniversary of this blog. So, like I do every couple of years, I'm throwing myself a money party.

I'm asking for donations or subscriptions so I can expand the Empire of the Rude to include a new podcast and some videos, as well as another trip to sunny L.A. from not-as-sunny NYC to get filthy as you want me to be on Stephanie Miller's Happy Hour. The last one was an obscene journey into porn, the one before that an even more obscene journey into my family history. A third one will probably require a fire hose to cool it down.

You can go the Patreon route with monthly donations and get extra rudeness in your life with bonus blog posts and other stuff.

Or you can just drop some change at PayPal by hitting that button over there on the side or clicking here.

Either way, thanks to everyone who donated so far. You have helped to make another couple of years of mind-altered, scatological political commentary possible.

Oh, and I'm taking questions from readers (and you don't need to contribute to ask).

Like Jaime D., who wants to know, "What's your favorite post of all time?" Well, Jaime, my posts are like children. I generally like the more recent ones, but I can look back on the older ones and say, "Those didn't age too badly." But, push comes to shove, I'm gonna go all the way back to 2004, right after George W. Bush won re-election, and say that this one set the tone for much of what came after.

Sasha Y., who swears she's not a Russian bot, asks, "Fuck, marry, kill? Bush, Obama, Trump?" I think by law I can't say that I'd like to kill any living president. But I think I can say, "Fuck Bush, marry Obama."

Feel free to throw other questions at me. (And toss some coins in the hat, too.)