Trump Breaks All Contracts, Including Those Made by the United States

How is any of this a surprise, all this that's going on now, all that Trump is doing, all this tearing families apart and shipping refugees back to places where they may be killed and dicking around with the lives of children and sick people and the elderly and fucking with different countries, like everything is just a prisoner to whatever the dementia-fucked synapses in Trump's brain can acknowledge while Steve Bannon, with his whiskey breath and scabby face and semen-sticky hands, whispers into his ear, "This, this, this"? How could anyone not have known that, so very quickly, we'd be where we are now, with the country as close to genuine upheaval as it's been since the late 1960s? Once Trump was elected, we were going to get here as soon as his stubby fingers could scrawl signatures on the documents.

We're in this place, this America, right now because of something that Trump has done his entire life. The man couldn't give a fuck about a legitimate contract unless it's with someone who can crush him. Trump has fucked over the little guy repeatedly. Ask the Trump University plaintiffs. Ask any of the dozens of contractors and small business owners who worked for him. Trump and his lackeys more or less ripped up the agreements they made, daring people who couldn't afford it to take them to court. Shit, right now, contractors on his DC hotel, which Trump owns in violation of its lease, have filed liens against it because Trump's organization hasn't paid them.

Unless you have deep pockets and a shitload of time, Trump will fuck you like an obese, deranged weasel on a raccoon corpse in the middle of the road. Trump goes after the defenseless. He is a sixth-grade bully who thinks he's tough because he can make the second graders cry. Except now he gets to do it to people by the tens of thousands. And if he's not stopped, he will get braver and braver until he's putting liberals on a raft in the ocean to send us to Cuba while his idiot hordes hoot and holler in approval, Paul Ryan cowers, and John McCain and Lindsey Graham put out a statement about how that's just not right, all while people drown.

For, indeed, what has been the through-line in Trump's first week or so of fuckery? It's been that agreements don't matter. For instance, whatever you think of NAFTA, Trump's cavalier attitude towards a legitimate treaty has gotta make allies nervous as hell. But luckily it's only Mexico and those people are all rapists and drug lords anyways.

Immigrants and refugees who jumped through every hoop and did everything they had to were denied entry to the United States. People holding onto green cards were not allowed back in. Visas were canceled. These are contracts, too. The people who made them with this country based their lives on the idea that the contract would be honored. They gave up their homes and sold their businesses and spent all their savings to get here. They started school or arranged medical care. None of it mattered. Donald Trump told the world that we can renege on our agreements without any cause.

(Side note: Fuck you if you think that Trump's order makes us safer. Fuck you if you're such a coward that you can say, as cretinous little excrement smear Sean Spicer did today, that a 5-year old could be a terrorist. The only way Trump's ban or pause or whatever goddamn lie word they want to use instead of ban makes any goddamn sense is if he stops all immigration, from every country, because of some fundamental flaw in our vetting process. Except that would mean white people would have problems and his merry band of Nazi ass-lickers couldn't allow that to happen. So the whole thing is a lie, just a plate of racism bullshit coated with a security sauce.)

Why should any country trust us right now? Why would anyone invest in this country if there is a chance that, on a whim and a tweet, the goddamned president could wreck a company's stock and ban its employees?

On the left, our humanitarian sense of decency is offended. On the right, Jesus, I guess you fuckers don't believe in capitalism anymore. If we can't unify over this ban, an insult to our national identity, which sure as fuck ain't white and European and never fucking was, then we may as well just break apart now. Why not? The Constitution is just a contract that Trump will ignore.