Very Quickie: Your Life Is a Game Show to Donald Trump

I'm seeing Springsteen tonight, so I kinda don't give a fuck about Trump right now.

But let's pause to consider how appalling it was that Donald Trump asked a mostly white audience if they thought it was cool to let undocumented immigrants who haven't committed crimes and been in the country for a long time stay. Not as citizens, mind you, but as something like, say, blacks living in apartheid South Africa.

Of course, the white people applauded wildly. Of course, walking scrotum Sean Hannity let Trump get away with it. Of course, instead of talking about how fucking nauseating it was to turn the lives of millions of people into a motherfucking game show, or that a decadent emperor asked the gathered hordes if he should kill the slaves, the media is wondering if this indicates Trump is  "softening" on immigration. 

Sure. He went from a spree killer to a simple murderer. He's a goddamn hero. 

Going to a show. Fuck him in every way.

(This was edited to change a couple of metaphors that were awkward as hell. I was really high and hastily typing on my phone before the concert. I regret the poor choice, but I'm sure as shit not apologizing.)