Quickie: Calm Down, Everyone. Susan Sarandon Will Probably End Up Voting for Hillary If She Wins the Nomination (And So Will You)

The Rude Pundit is still in lovely England in lovely Bath. One thing he's noticed is that any time anyone talks to him about American politics, they assume at this point that "United States = Donald Trump." The Rude Pundit has to sigh and explain that most people don't actually support Trump, that he won't win the election, that it will be Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton. To a man and to a woman, they don't believe him. Or they like Trump. It's a big fucking mess.

That big fucking mess and its potential to wreak havoc is one reason that Susan Sarandon, an actress the Rude Pundit has admired since Atlantic City, has said that a Trump presidency might be better than a Hillary Clinton presidency. It'll be so awful and cause such strife, such thinking goes, that it'll provoke revolution. The Rude Pundit knows of what Sarandon speaks. He predicted that kind of reaction to the presidency of George Bush, Sr. and George Bush, Jr.

And he was completely fucking wrong both times.

Sarandon has said that she can't vote for Clinton because the Democratic frontrunner is not against fracking, Bernie Sanders is, and Sarandon has been an environmental activist for decades. People got upset with Sarandon. People commented about it profusely. And Sarandon got into a slap fight on Twitter with some other celebrities over the whole fucking thing, which, to be honest, is the kind of thing that ought to bring on a working class revolution, too.)

This is all a big fucking waste of time because, at the end of the day, if Clinton beats Sanders for the nomination (not really a foregone conclusion), Susan Sarandon will likely vote for Clinton. As will just about every other person mouthing off about "Bernie or Bust" or "Let the World Bern" or whatever the fuck they're saying. Sure, sure, there will be a contingent that will stay home if Sanders loses because Fuck You, That's Why. Let's put that at a generous 10%.

Mostly, it's just talk. Sarandon will vote for Hillary. You will vote for Hillary. The Rude Pundit, who supports Sanders and has said this before, will vote for Hillary if she wins the nomination. Anyone can say right now that they won't. But they will. Yeah, you fucking will.

Get back to the Rude Pundit in November, Susan Sarandon and everyone else, and tell him what you did when you were confronted with the reality of a Donald Trump or Ted Cruz or Paul Ryan presidency and not the fantasy of your mighty stand for ideological purity.