Listen to the Rude Pundit Snark All Over the GOP Debate Tonight

So these guys from this outfit, Rabble.tv, approached the Rude Pundit and asked, "How would you like to offer live commentary on the GOP presidential debate on Wednesday night?" It'd work, they told him, like an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (or RiffTrax, for the kids). While the debate is on, people could listen in online to the Rude Pundit saying truly awful and disgusting things, uncensored, about the candidates and the moderators, probably the crowd, too.

And the Rude Pundit agreed to do it, as long as he could drink all the way through.

The whole thing is free, motherfuckers, free. You can go to the website and just listen to your heart's content.You can also comment on the debate or, to get crazy-meta, on the Rude Pundit's blatherings if you sign up at Rabble (also free, and the guys promise they won't spam the shit out of you or anything). A plug they didn't ask me to make is that the whole setup is easy, even elegant.

This is a new approach to doing this kind of thing. It might be a disaster. The technology might fail. Or we could all laugh our asses off at what asses are on the stage at the Reagan Library (a joke in and of itself). No promises either way. But that kind of "what the hell is happening?" shit is fun.

Come on over at 8 p.m. Fuck the junior debate. Listen in while watching CNN and maybe we can all make it through this event without vomiting.