Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Shoot Up Propofol While Downing a Six-Pack of Smuttynose

The Rude Pundit was trying to figure out his favorite image from yesterday's bullshit GOPalooza forum in Manchester, New Hampshire. The sight of eleven candidates in person and three on live feed from D.C. begging the voters of a tiny state that is 94% white to give them some Trumpless votementum was alternately nauseating, annoying, and hilarious.  What they said is a pile of bullshit pandering to the gun-fellaters, spic-haters, and evangelical masturbators. 

Instead, you could have enjoyed the floating head of Rand Paul:

But, for the Rude Pundit's money, this image of Rick Perry demonstrating the proper way to strangle poor people says it all: