Brief Beach Blogging: That Time Megyn Kelly Made It Her Mission to Take Down Sandra Fluke

(The Rude Pundit is on a beach vacation, squeezing in a bit of blogging in-between burning his shoulders, swimming near a giant ray, and dolphin watching.)

You remember Sandra Fluke? It wasn't that long ago, 2012, when she spoke before a Democratic congressional committee on the bullshit of conscience clauses and the nonsense of businesses and colleges trying not to cover birth control in their prescription drug health plans. She was viciously attacked on the right as a "slut" who just wanted to fuck like crazy, despite the fact that what she was saying was that poor women need to have contraception covered, sometimes for things that don't even involve fucking.

You know who was right down in the trenches of the war on Sandra Fluke? Fuckin' Megyn Kelly, that's who. The conservative "feminist" we're supposed to defend now because Donald Trump said some bitchy things about her couldn't get enough of attacking Fluke. Indeed, you could make a case that it was Kelly's targeting of Fluke that pleasured Roger Ailes and got her the primetime slot she's in now.

For instance, on The O'Reilly Factor, March 8, 2012, Kelly said, "Ms. Fluke would have the world believe that she is somehow a victim because she is at Georgetown Law School and is not getting her contraception paid for by the law school."

Kelly couldn't get enough of trying to lash out at Fluke, indulging slut-shamers and snarking the shit out of Fluke, proudly declaring that her daytime show was the first to go after the Georgetown graduate. Even recently, Kelly joined in a hategasm with Ann Coulter over President Obama calling Sandra Fluke when she was being attacked but not the family of a murdered woman.  

So, you know, you're gonna have to count the Rude Pundit out of the whole "we should support Megyn Kelly" thing. It's not like she'd lift a goddamn finger for a woman on the left under fire from asshole misogynists. Hell, she'd likely just pile on.