Quickie: Your Confederate Flag Support Team Is Ready to Help

From left to right, that's Gooch, Skeeter, Daisy Lurch, Catfish Joe, Jesse Jesse, Skeeter 2, Belchin' Bocephus, and the Chigger.  They're proud members of a KKK reenactment guild because, surely, such redneck, toothless hick stereotypes don't exist in real life.

Wait, what? It was a real rally in South Carolina? They were serious? Huh. Well, maybe that's why Daisy Lurch put on her good tank top. You can bet she and her brother, Skeeter 2, will be matin' like two mules that got into the moonshine tonight.

Is that punching down? Mocking the poor? Screw it. When you reach the Rude Pundit's level of disgust with certain white people, "too low" doesn't exist.