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The people have ejaculated haiku all over the place, with more than 100 emissions so far, from coast to coast and even the flyover states. Keep 'em coming. (Boo-yah - Orgasm trifecta.) The annual Haiku Review of This Goddamned Year continues:

From Radical Russ:

Pot's been made legal
In four US states, and yet
Sky remains in place.

From Doughty Wench in Oregon:

War in the Middle
East. Riots in Ferguson.
I'm going to bed.

From Mike in Cool, California (which he assures is a real place with a real zip code)

CIA torture
Cheney's aphrodisiac
Shameful policy

From Regina in New York:

Dick Cheney, fuck you.
George Bush paintings are torture,
But you are a taint.

From Tom in Granville, OH:

Mid-term elections:
Doing nothing, expecting
Different results