These Haiku Annihilate 2014! And They Are Everything!

As we continue with the haiku review of 2014, the Rude Pundit has a few to toss into the mix:

GOP Fault Lines

Ebola, ISIS
Benghazi, high gas, Iran:
It's Obama's fault.

Economic surge,
Gas way down, Putin is tamed:
No Obama props.


Between college rapes,
Cosby, and abortion laws,
Women's year was fucked.

On to the readers' haiku: For shits and giggles, let's stay west of the Mississippi today, with no California at all, just to show that Rude America really does go from sea to shining sea and is not just centered in the liberal wilds of the sinful Northeast or the whoredom that is Cali.

From Dan in Bellingham (that's in Washington and a damn pretty town):

Korean Ferry
It took the death of children
To unmask their greed

From Nancy G. in Olympia:

As the world heats up,
remember the people who
said it was a hoax.

From Liz in Utah:

ISIS slaughtering
children: your god's already
forgotten you all.

From Brian in Texas:

Ebola outbreak
Threatening America
Cured by the mid-terms

From Laurie in St. Louis:

"Grand jury decides.
What could possibly go wrong?"
Said Bob McCullough.

(The Rude Pundit is still going through the piles of poems he received. More to come. Maybe even one by you.)