Late Post Today, But, Hey, Take a Survey - For Science!

The Rude Pundit is making sure that this much-abused body is in fine working order. He'll be back later with more therapeutic rudeness.

But while you're waiting: The Rude Pundit was contacted by a researcher at Stony Brook who asked him to reach out to rude readers to take a survey about one's beliefs. She flattered him about his bloggery and teased him by saying, "We recently had an onslaught of conservatives complete the survey and are looking for liberals to round out the sample."

Well, fuck those conservatives. This is for science, motherfuckers:

"My name is Julie Wronski and my colleagues and I are conducting an online survey about people’s personal characteristics and beliefs, and how people are able to read emotions in other peoples’ eyes. The study is brief and interesting, and should help us understand how individuals think about other people and American society more generally. In our current political climate, I think developing an understanding of how people relate to one another is critical for America to thrive. I hope you will take a few minutes to participate.

"The survey can be accessed by using the following link. We ask you to please do not discuss your participation in the study for the next few weeks, as to not influence other participants: https://stonybrookuniversity.co1.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_0VQZPHEYplprmv3

"The research team is based at Stony Brook University. Questions about participation or results of the study can be directed to Julie Wronski at julie.wronski@stonybrook.edu."