In Brief: Quotes That Make Saddam Hussein Laugh His Ass Off Down in Hell

"The seizing of dams and reservoirs gives the militants control over water and electricity that they could use to help build support in the territory they now rule by providing the scarce resources to residents. Or they could sell the resources as a lucrative source of revenue.

"There are also fears the militants could release the waters of the dam and devastate the country all the way down to the capital Baghdad, though maintaining the dam's power and water supplies will be key to their attempts to build a state."

The "They" in that quote are the crazy-ass motherfuckers in the rather literal-named Islamic State (formerly ISIS or ISIL, depending on who was writing), the group of overly-armed, mad goat fuckers who are running rampant in Iraq, pissing everyone off, slaughtering anyone who doesn't worship in the same way as them, and threatening to take the joint over, making life for Iraqis so miserable that Afghanistan under the Taliban will look like a decadent orgy.

Yeah, they've taken over a dam, the biggest one in Iraq. And you don't really want a group of people who are so brutal that al-Qaeda might end up attacking them for being such assholes in charge of where the fucking water and electricity go.

Down in Hell, Saddam Hussein, in between being ass-fucked by spiked demon cocks that blow boiling-hot loads in his anus, got a few laughs when he heard about the destruction of the country he once ruled. "Can't wait to taunt Bush and Cheney about this when they get here," he said before being sodomized once again.