Taking a Mental Health Break, Leaving You in Good Hands

The Rude Pundit has been feeling stabby as fuck lately and is taking a few days off to rest, relax, and recharge. That means drinking, sexual triathlons, and a drug buffet. Oh, and maybe a hike or two on some godforsaken mountain. And forgetting for a while about border fuckery, Russia's fuckery, and the GOP's fuckery, as well as avoiding the cackling whores who will be joyously celebrating the possible gutting of the Affordable Care Act.

He is leaving you in the more-than-capable hands of Andrew Smith, who represented for lefty Christianity in mighty fine fashion a couple of weeks ago. @Presbyhippy on Twitter, he's been aching to jump in again to this den of heathens. And he's got amazing taste in music. He's taking the reins for the next three days, and this lone blogger couldn't be happier for the quality of the company.

So enjoy Andrew. Treat him nicely. Read his blog, Unlikely Sunday School Teacher.

The Rude Pundit will be back next week.