Where's the Coupon, Mitt? (And This Week's Stephanie Miller Show Appearance):
Yesterday, under a secret nom de rude, the Rude Pundit became a MyMitt member over at the Romney website. Why? Because he was promised a motherfuckin' coupon, as in "Sign Up and Get a Coupon." In no place did it indicate what one might get a coupon for, but, shit, it's a motherfuckin' coupon, and times are rough.

Now he gets all the Romney spam he can eat, but no goddamn coupon. Where's the coupon, Mitt? What's it for? Cool faux-hippie Romney gear? Or a latte'? Fuckers. Romney probably doesn't even know what a coupon is. Probably thinks it's some mane accessory for a prancing horse.

Hey, the Rude Pundit's at the beach right now, getting his melanoma on, so enjoy his appearance on The Stephanie Miller Show this past Monday: