John McCain Now Should Probably Talk to John McCain in 2010:
America's angriest leprechaun hulked out on the Senate floor yesterday. Yes, John McCain shook his sheleighly and chewed his thin pipe as he tore into the obstructionist new House members, reading from a Wall Street Journal editorial that called them "Tea Party hobbits" and said himself that their hopes for a balanced budget amendment in the next week are "foolish" and "bizarro. And maybe some people who have only been in this body for six or seven months or so really believe that."

One can understand McCain's anger over the way that the ignorant teabaggers have taken over his nice Congress. It's too bad that the Tea Party candidates and the movement had so much support less than a year ago from allegedly mainstream Republicans who desperately wanted to appear ultraconservative, like, well, fuck, you know.

Here's McCain on Fox's Hannity on October 1, 2010: "I think that Tea Party movement in my state and all over this country is not only legitimate, they're going to be a powerful force in American politics for a long time to come. I want - they also want, by the way, for us to eliminate earmarking and they also, I think, want a balanced budget amendment in the Constitution. I think they also want secure borders. But I think they are a major factor and they are every - everyday citizens who have never been involved before."

Here's McCain on Good Morning America on October 19, 2010: "Americans are very angry. They're very, very angry. We all know that. That's reflected in the polls and the intensity of the voters. The Tea Partiers are a manifestation of that. And, obviously, they have struck a chord that is really a remarkable thing."

Here's McCain on Fox's One Sane Show with Shepherd Smith: "Republicans have got to come through and satisfy those -- this -- this outcry, this anger and frustration, that's being expressed. And, by the way, they're not frightened. That's being expressed by the Tea Parties and has galvanized this election...our Tea Partiers will understand that we can only do so much depending on what our majorities are, if we have it in both houses. But if we are having a good-faith effort, every day bringing up a spending cut, a repeal or replacement of the most onerous provisions of Obamacare, if we are carrying out that mandate, then I think that they're going to be happy." That last part, by the way, is adorable in its naivete.

You know, at least Dr. Frankenstein realized that he had created a monster and bore the guilt and responsibility for its destruction. John McCain used his fake maverick street cred to legitimize the Tea Party and give it aid and comfort and to help it run rampant through the village. Now he wants to grab a pitchfork and chase it down and pretend he's just a poor, ordinary townsperson. No, fuck that. McCain doesn't get to play phony maverick again.

He now smells this stinky fart he unleashed on the nation. And that motherfucker sure as hell dealt it.