In Brief: Pamela Geller Loses Her Fucking Mind (Even More):
Oh, dear, sweet Pam Geller, she of the botox face and yenta voice, an attention whore that makes other whores wonder if they should just quit, she who has spouted hatred in myriad creative ways, ways that'd make Goebbels' ghost go, "Scheisse, vish ve had thought of zat." Yes, now that some deranged Muslim hater in Norway has committed crimes as an attack on multiculturalism and cited Geller, among others, as his inspiration, Pamsy has lost her fucking mind so much that her hatemongering during the Park 51 stupidity seems like a gentle breeze of delusion.

For nothing makes someone with a persecution complex go nutsier than being actually deserving of persecution. Now that the media is questioning, finally, at least a bit, just what the effect is of nonstop lies and hatred from "extreme" right-wing websites (although, apparently, the only thing that distinguishes "extreme" from "mainstream" conservatism is just how many bullets are used), Geller is in full on cornered rat mode. Check some of this shit out:

In bringing up a bombing in Mumbai to compare media coverage, she says that Anders Brevik was "a psychopath (alone and belonging to no one, no group, just the twisted sickness of a legend in his own broken mind)." Her point? That the media never covers terror attacks committed by Muslims. Which would be true if it wasn't absolutely false.

You know what? The Rude Pundit ain't gonna waste any more space quoting Geller. You can read it for herself. Nearly every entry is a screechy defense of her brand of hatred. He'd call her "a cunt," but even that doesn't seem strong enough for the sub-Coulter nature of her writing.

Tell you what: we'll talk when someone shoots up a Young Republicans rally and says it's because he read a bunch of Michael Moore or Van Jones (who are not even remotely analogous to Geller, but, hey, that's because we on the American left generally don't call for the mass murder of millions of people).