In Brief: Leadership By Drama Queenery:
They've named it the "Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act." That's not a joke. Virginia Rep. Eric Cantor, filing a bill in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives to repeal health care reforms passed in the last Congress, really and actually named it that:

Its long name: "Repeal of the Job-Killing Health Care Law and Health Care-Related Provisions in the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010." Or, simply, "Republicans Suck Elephant Balls."

One should probably note that the health care law hasn't actually killed a single job. It's sort of like calling someone "That guy who fucked his own sister," when that guy not only never fucked his sister, but he's never even been caught checking out her ass.

The bullshit legislation, that will never even be brought up for a vote in the Senate, is two pages long, because, see, that's short. The original bill was long. Get it? Short good. Long bad. Ergo, the repeal must be better than the law. Let's repeal everything just so's we don't have to read. It's like a whole new world in the Congress now, where a couple of lines scribbled on John Boehner's tear hankie can kick college kids off their parents' insurance and reimpose preexisting condition restrictions and reopen the Medicare prescription drug doughnut hole. January 12 is the day of the big show of just how very serious these serious grown-ups are in dealing with the serious problems we face. Right after the Constitution is read aloud in the House chamber. Seriously.

What a useless little show, a demonstration that the Republican drama queens are back and ready to wreck the nation more. Everything that didn't get fondled by their filthy hands must be evil, we'll be told, and everything that they did finger fuck is the greatest thing that ever could happen in the history of forever.

Nothing but good times ahead, motherfuckers, nothing but good times.