LOL Democratz:
Man, it's been a banner week for Democrats. First the DADT repeal fails and now we get to end the week in all kinds of shame.

Congressional Democrats bailed on any vote on the Bush tax cuts before the midterm election. A slam dunk of an issue for any idiot to spin into campaign gold - Dems want you to have a tax cut, Repubs want them to have it - instead, Democrats ran off the playground like fat kids with wedgies, saying that Republicans would block shit anyway. (The Rude Pundit thinks the real reason is that they're gonna cave on extending tax cuts for income over $250,000 and they didn't want to make the base even sadder.)

Showing that she wants to play with the cool kids, Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana joined just about every Republican in choosing some Obama nominee to block to make a point about whatever issue they can grandstand on. For Landrieu, it's the deepwater oil drilling moratorium, so she's taking the eminently rational step of placing a hold on the President's nominee to head the Office of Management and Budget. Landrieu said, "I have done everything within my power to get this Administration's attention. But the policy remains in effect, and Louisiana's economy continues to suffer." The moratorium is supposed to last until November 30, although it could end earlier.

So way to go, Democrats. Instead of celebrating the health care reform bill's positive effects and condemning Republicans for wanting to make the rich richer, you're cowering in the corner, hoping the American people don't hurt you too badly and praying that Republicans won't say mean things about you.

(Note: Yeah, yeah, the whole "I Can Haz Cheezburger" meme is long dead from overuse, but screw it. It's Friday.)