Trying to Get Back to Planet Earth:
In trying to catch up with the news he missed while he was in a Bonnaroo haze of mud, heat, music, and what-drug-is-that?-Well-okay for the last four days, the Rude Pundit saw that the oil was still leaking in the Gulf, which prompted the douchiest headline he's seen in a while: "Whither the dead bird, tar ball and oily boom?" The answer to MSNBC on that would be "Shut the fuck up, you pompous cockknobs, and just give us the story."

Mostly, though, the news of the nation and the world left the Rude Pundit with one observation: "Wait, you mean I can't show porn to a nineteen year-old? That'll seriously change my Thursday night plans."

Honestly, though, at this point, having just awakened in a real and actual bed, the Rude Pundit isn't even sure where he is, let alone who is dicking over who and when the fuck did Oklahoma become a lake?

Back tomorrow with regular rudeness.