A Modest Proposal: Rape the Guy Holding the Holocaust Sign at Yesterday's Health Care Riot:
If you haven't seen it yet, here's a sign at least one person, probably two people, hoisted proudly at the Michele Bachmann Anti-Health Care Reform Mass Shit Toss in DC yesterday.

At the Mass Shit Toss, literally hundreds of people who are so brain-damaged that they actually listen to Minnesota Republican Michele Bachmann gathered to give aid and comfort to health insurance companies who would drop the shit-tossers from coverage if they broke their legs while marching. Also in the crowd were numerous old people who would be dead if they didn't have government health insurance, which does not, apparently, cover irony deficiency.

In case you can't read it, the sign says, "National Socialist Healthcare/Dachau, Germany - 1945." And that pile of bodies would be victims of the Holocaust. In other words, the signbearers seem to be saying, a public health insurance option as part of an exchange that contains mostly private insurance policies that would be semi-subsidized by some federal government money for the 15% or so of the population who are currently without health insurance is the same as the mass extermination of the Jews.

It's so ridiculously over the top that it makes the Rude Pundit wonder if it's not just some clever infiltrator attempting to discredit the entire tea party movement. If so, that's some fine subversion. But, alas, chances are this is a real sign that people spent time and money to make because they are fucking assholes.

And, really, when confronted with such an utterly depraved, soulless, cretinous gobbler of Glenn Beck's cock who looks like this...

...well, the only proper response is to say, "Rape this fucker."

Feel free to choose who should rape him: Rage-filled Jewish men who beat him senseless and then fuck his ass and face until he's choking on kosher jizz and his rectum is turned inside out? Pissed-off Jewish women who ream him with discount strap-ons and point at his tiny cock and peanut balls and laugh? A totally hung, big ass black man in order to fulfill every fear he's ever had? A bunch of illegal immigrants shoving mop and broom handles in his asshole in a sweatshop in Baltimore? Yes, he should be raped and raped and then, when he thinks the raping is done, this fuckbag should be raped again.

When the raping is done, tell him to wipe himself off with his ripped up sign. And then ask him if he's still alive. Ask him if he watched his wife get taken to a gas chamber. Ask him if he watched his kids starve to death. Ask him if he's had to live for months in a shit-covered hellhole. Ask him if he smells burning bodies. Ask him if all his possessions were taken away and his town bombed to bits. Ask him if his neighbors are alive. Because, he should be told, however awful what just happened to him was, it wasn't anywhere near as bad as what the people in his sign went through.

And then tell him he better never lose whatever shitty job he has because his ruined sphincter is now a pre-existing condition.